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Case Studies

Bulky Goods Retail Outlet

The redesign used precast hollowcore floor planks and precast beamshells for almost all of the suspended floor area.

Metro Village Alexandria

Baseline's gamble had paid off. They now have proceeded to other similar sized developments designed in total precast construction. As Baseline Construction...

Mercure Sydney Hotel Liverpool

Precast concrete played a vital role in this construction from the earliest stage. It offered not only speed and ease of construction that enabled completion...


Hollowcore floor planks are nominally 1200mm wide and available in thicknesses of 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, and 300mm. The come in two forms: 1) artificially roughened on the upper face to provide high interface shear capacity with an in-situ concrete topping layer; and 2) smoothed by application of a machine-trowelled mortar layer during manufacture for light load applications, including multi-level carparks, office buildings, and apartment buildings.


Dependent on load requirements, clear spans of up to 14 metres can be obtained at costs which are lower than most flooring systems.


Customer Testimonial

“It is our firm belief that what we consider to be exceptional today will become much more the norm in the future, as awareness of the possibilities offered by the intelligent use of precast for these kinds of applications grows”.


- Nicholas Bettar, Managing Director of Baseline Constructions

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