Hanson is No. 1 in Canberra

Hanson Precast celebrates a long tradition as the most diverse manufacturer and reliable supplier of precast concrete elements to Canberra. The ACT region is a remarkable treasure trove of precast concrete buildings and structures that showcases all that can be achieved with this form of construction. 

As Australia’s capital, it is important that these robust and resilient buildings provide people with a safe working/ living environment plus offering excellent thermal and acoustic performance. The sometimes extreme weather conditions in Canberra can be challenging, and a precast building’s performance is easily demonstrated by the minimum long-term maintenance costs required to handle everyday use.

$50 million of precast concrete has been supplied by Hanson Precast to a portfolio of projects in recent years. Warehouses to bridges, residential projects to offices, or to the most sensitive building project undertaken by the federal government in recent times – these all benefit from precast concrete from Hanson.

Architectural precast is often featured in these projects. The award winning buildings at the Australian National University wonderfully demonstrate the stunning design results and reduced long-term risk for the investor. The recently completed Sciences Transformation project in the Banks Precinct of the ANU featured five unique precast wall panel designs by Lyons Architects.

One such design was an elevation of the Biosciences Building that had distinctive off-form, off-white bands inspired by a ‘cell structure’ with a contrasting recessed etched finish. The staggered stretched windows with protruding sun hoods gave a pleasing articulation to the three storey building elevation.

For more information on the extensive Hanson Precast portfolio of ACT projects send an email to Drew Lincoln at drew.lincoln@hanson.com.au