The natural patina of precast

The nearly completed Boheme luxury residential project at Bondi Beach is a classic example of how the architect came to understand the created beauty of rich pigment induced off-form precast concrete.


By the clever use of five different colours and the deliberate spacing of the vertical precast panels the architect has delivered a beautiful articulated streetscape that embraces the beach environment.


Early in the creative process the architect, Bates Smart,contacted Hanson Precast for indicative precast samples to assess what could be achieved.


After the contract was awarded, Hanson Precast’s Hacene Baleh worked closely with Bates Smart to finesse the colour palette. Many small samples were cast before the agreed range was selected. Then larger samples of each colour were produced that were ‘signed off’ to form part of the control process. Following this the first production panels were manufactured that were closely inspected at the factory with approval given to manufacture all panels for the project.



As Bates Smart Director Philip Vivian said about the finished results “Our design aim was to create a building that fitted with colour palette of Bondi Beach, which has a council required palette of pastel beach colours.  To avoid a pastel painted building, and achieve something more authentic while still complying with the colour code we chose to use natural pigmentation of coloured concrete.  This gave us a soft and natural colour finish that will age gracefully.  The finish is also permanent and thus doesn’t require repainting. The various colours are used to articulate the streetscape while referencing the original scale and subdivision of the land.  Working with Hanson Precast the building has achieved our aims, and is an elegant new addition to Bondi Beach.”